Before you start, if you’re from Germany and would like to become & stay compliant to GDPR regulation, reach out to our company DataGuard.

A Senior Product Designer from Munich, Germany.

Currently working as Head of Product Design at DataGuard.

I have 7+ years of experience playing roles in this value chain, experienced with focus on User Centric designing to Managing Product deliverables with teams several enthusiastic Product Designers.

Worked on strategic roles for B2C and B2B products taking some of them from 0 online visitors to over 5 million online visitors a month and helped generate over $400k every month. Currently impacting 1000s of customers using the Data Protection platform to receive consultation on EU DSGVO (GDPR) compliance.

User First

At the core of what I do lies the Customer. Every micro-decision I take when conceptualising a feature, I have the gift of thinking like the End-User.

User Experience

Strong believer of "Good UX sells best". Creating memorable experiences and beautiful interfaces is my passion.

User Journey

Without understanding the A to B journey of a User, one can only be a "Painter" type of Designer. I take pride in considering the User Journey and leveraging that for effective design decisions.


Strong advocate of Figma and use of Component-based designs for reusability. One of my top assets is this mindset of re-usable designing which aids in maintainable code.

Rapid Prototyping

Make mistakes fast. I'm a fan of rapid prototyping and right from a simple Icon to a complex Business Process, and getting feedback and iterative improvement is one of my key reasons for where I am.

User Testing

For a good business to sell, with consistent UX and reusable designing skills and rapid prototyping - it all doesn't matter if your User doesn't like it. User testing and gathering feedback (into a Structured way) is what makes my work stand out.

My few words on Design, Automation and Life.

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